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Clinical Trial Support

Mercalis provides a suite of clinical trial support services designed to provide time and cost efficiencies.

Simplifying the clinical trial supply process.

RxStudy Card - Pharmacy

RxStudy Card - Pharmacy is an efficient clinical supply process that requires 80% less employee time and cuts supply costs by 30% to 50%.

RxStudy Card - Pharmacy is a pharmacy benefit-based clinical supply service that provides commercially available medications and supplies for any phase trial involving all therapeutic areas of study, dispensed through existing retail and specialty pharmacy networks.

Measurable Time Savings

A third-party case study demonstrates an 80% reduction in employee time when the RxStudy Card - Pharmacy process is used instead of the traditional physical inventory procurement and management process, resulting in a faster study start-up due to less supply process steps and less calendar time.

Measurable Financial Savings

The RxStudy Card - Pharmacy process eliminates overage and waste and provides favorable and consistent pricing advantages by leveraging pharmacy relationships and contracts, resulting in 30% to 50% supply cost savings.

Fewer Risks

The RxStudy Card - Pharmacy process eliminates product ownership responsibilities including upfront capital investment, carrying costs, expiry date management, cold chain management, resupply efforts, and inventory loss, damage, and diversion.

RxStudy Card - Provider

Mercalis provides a quick and easy payment process for site-sourced clinical trial supplies and study-related medical services rendered.

RxStudy Card - Provider is a medical benefit-based payment service that provides reimbursement to clinical trial sites and outsourced providers for site sourced and administered medication and/or medical services rendered.

The RxStudy Card - Provider process facilitates electronic claims reimbursement utilizing the same trusted platform used by providers to submit claims to insurance companies, enabling payments within 6 to 18 business days.

Global Sourcing, Procurement, and Distribution Logistics

Mercalis meets the needs of studies that require a physical inventory of medications and supplies in the US and around the world.

In 2021, Mercalis established a strategic partnership with ClientPharma, an industry leader in global sourcing, procurement, consulting, and distribution logistics. This partnership allows clients to have access to the most appropriate and efficient supply chain processes for each country of service while executing only one contract.

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