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Patient Engagement and Adherence

Our end-to-end digital support platform enables easy, seamless programs that improve adherence and help build long-term relationships, including hassle-free patient communication tools such as text message alerts for copay enrollment and ongoing adherence reminders.

Digital Patient Engagement

Our digital patient engagement platform helps innovative pharmaceutical and biotech leaders deliver frictionless patient support programs that improve adherence to medication and nurture long-term patient relationships.

Discover how the Mercalis platform supports patients and simplifies engagement.

Effective Communication

Omnichannel communication and customer service capabilities simplify medication onboarding and first experiences.

Welcoming Touchpoints

Branded web design and customizable messages ensure a familiar and inviting patient experience.

Exceptional Patient Experiences

Highly personalized, curated health care experiences improve access and adherence to prescribed treatments.

Long-Term Engagement

Enhanced ongoing patient engagement strategies and on-demand access to relevant information optimize outcomes.

Support Areas

Our end-to-end support platform provides innovative tools and resources to help specialty drug and clinical trial patients manage real-world challenges at each step of their journey.

  • Enrollment & Onboarding
  • Payer Access & Coverage Determination
  • Affordability
  • Clinical Support
  • Communications
  • Daily Health Management


Today’s patient support ecosystems are made up of complex services and multiple service providers. For the patients, this complicated set of offerings needs to be simplified. For pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, patient journey transparency is no longer a “nice to have”—it’s a solution requirement. Technology platforms that drive your patient support program must be able to communicate with each other consistently and reliably.

Standard API Documentation

Allows quicker speed to market and deeper insights into the patient population and the patient journey.

Cross-Platform Digital Patient Support

Enrollment and onboarding are delivered via web, email, and text message for patient convenience.

Flexible & Configurable Architecture

Accommodates specific therapeutic and brand needs while maintaining a patient-centric health platform.

Analytics and Reporting

Armed with proprietary data and expert insight, this platform gives you a holistic view of stakeholders and translates patient information into meaningful metrics and reports. Hub data is updated continuously in real time, while copay data is updated every 24 hours.

Maximize value across the product and patient journeys. Find out how.