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Field Reimbursement Support

When patients struggle to be reimbursed by their payer for your treatments, Mercalis can help. Our best-in-class Field Reimbursement Manager Programs resolve complex reimbursement issues directly with healthcare provider offices that would otherwise create treatment access barriers. Result: significant time savings for patients, HCPs, and manufacturers.

Reimbursement Manager Programs

Our team members serve as liaisons between the patient support team and healthcare provider office to make the patient journey seamless and efficient.

Field Reimbursement Managers

Our best-in-class Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) educate healthcare provider offices to assist individual patients with market access challenges and reimbursement issues.

FRMs play a key role in resolving complex reimbursement issues that could otherwise create barriers to treatment access. These patient advocates act as an extension of a manufacturer’s team, educating HCPs on patient access programs, payer policy, reimbursement challenges, and product coverage. By aligning patient support programs with our FRMs, we deliver access breakthroughs and significant time savings for patients, HCPs, and manufacturers.

Maximize value across the product and patient journeys. Find out how.