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Triangle Insights Group by Mercalis: A Discussion About the Inflation Reduction Act and an Introduction to Rohit Kumar

Today on Mercalis in Motion, we’re pleased to share a two-part episode featuring three of our colleagues from Triangle Insights Group by Mercalis. Triangle, acquired by Mercalis in April 2022, is a premier strategy consulting firm providing guidance on critical business issues to life science industry leaders. On this episode, Matt Haynes and Meghna Shankar discuss a recent white paper titled “The Indirect Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act on Pharmaceutical Pipeline and Portfolio Strategy”, co-authored by Shankar and Triangle Principal Megan Thomas. Then, Landy speaks with Triangle Executive Vice President & General Manager Rohit Kumar, who recently joined the company in November 2023. Kumar discusses what brought him to Triangle and shares his vision for the firm and how it will continue to integrate with Mercalis and Policy Reporter to provide value to life sciences companies.

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