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Reaching Providers When an In-Person Interaction Isn’t Possible

A common misconception in the pharma and life science industry is that the pandemic created the need for sales reps, nurse educators, reimbursement managers, and others to engage healthcare providers (HCPs) remotely. It is more accurate to say that the pandemic accelerated a trend that was already in motion. Mercalis has been interacting with HCPs remotely for 20 years. This isn’t experimental. It’s tested, trusted, and reliable. That’s why there is a remarkable opportunity for life science companies to adapt to these workflows now, especially in areas like rare disease that are experiencing significant growth.

As companies adjust to the changing environment, however, they’ll need to simultaneously navigate a new paradigm of hiring, training, and managing. While there’s a tendency to retrofit existing workforces to these virtual jobs, that transition can be very difficult to do and is not always the best solution. When it is necessary, training and management are critical.

After all, pandemic or not, HCP virtual engagement isn’t going anywhere. For those who hope to keep pace with the times and break through the no-see barriers of modern-day provider engagement, collaboration can help teams adjust and thrive.

Reaching Providers When an In-Person Interaction Isn’t Possible

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