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TrialCard Reports Third Consecutive Year of Double-Digit Growth

January 14, 2021

MORRISVILLE, NC—Mercalis (formerly TrialCard Incorporated) announced today it again achieved double-digit year-over-year revenue growth in 2020, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth comes after the biopharmaceutical solutions provider posted consecutive years of 44% YOY organic growth in both 2018 and 2019.

“2020 was a difficult year for everyone on many different levels,” said Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) President and CEO Mark Bouck. “Despite the COVID-19-related hurdles we faced, the implementation of our multi-level business continuity plan was 100% complete by the end of the first quarter. This quick response set the tone for the rest of the year, and we were honored to be chosen to provide marketing support services for a well-known COVID-19 therapy. Throughout 2020, our team stayed remarkably focused on the tasks at hand and delivered for our biopharmaceutical clients and their patients.”

Mercalis' (formerly TrialCard) success is rooted in its commitment to enhancing the patient experience for its biopharmaceutical clients. Mercalis (formerly TrialCard)provides an integrated suite of patient access, affordability, and adherence solutions that optimizes the patient and provider treatment experience, leading to increased engagement and superior outcomes. In November, the Triangle Business Journal recognized Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) as the second fastest-growing privately held company in the Triangle area.

“TrialCard has been effective in combining best-in-class affordability and patient access solutions with real-time payer intelligence and cutting-edge patient engagement and adherence technology,” noted Scott Dulitz, Mercalis' (formerly TrialCard) Chief Strategy Officer. “Last year alone, TrialCard’s end-to-end patient support ecosystem helped over 2.3 million people gain access to life-changing drugs while saving nearly $3.1 billion in patient cost-sharing expenses. By putting the patient at the center of everything we do, TrialCard is well-positioned for continued success.”

Mercalis (formerly TrialCard), which has completed five key acquisitions in the past two years, is also ahead of schedule on the integration of these additions. Canary Insights, a leader in medical device and diagnostics services, was acquired in October and has been paired with Policy Reporter and its patented policy monitoring technology. The natural synergy between the two companies has accelerated growth within both businesses. The recent enhancements to Mango Health version 2.0, Mercalis' (formerly TrialCard) mobile technology platform, has led to additional new business.

“Our recent acquisitions have differentiated TrialCard from its competitors and have established it as a comprehensive integrated biopharma services company that provides an unsurpassed patient and provider experience. This enables individuals to obtain—and remain on—vital medications,” added Bouck.

About Mercalis (formerly TrialCard)
Mercalis (formerly TrialCard Incorporated) provides patient affordability, medication access and adherence, patient support, and clinical trial services on behalf of biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Founded in 2000, Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) has connected over 35 million patients with more than $18 billion in branded drug savings to date. The company is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina. For more information about Mercalis (formerly TrialCard), please visit

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