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Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) Announces Acquisition of Archer Healthcare

November 4, 2021

Deal marks the sixth acquisition in three years for the rapidly growing life sciences commercialization partner.

MORRISVILLE, NC—Mercalis (formerly TrialCard Incorporated) announced today it has acquired Archer Healthcare, a Wilmington, North Carolina-based company that specializes in addressing the challenges pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers face in accessing providers, engaging with patients, and improving outcomes.

This acquisition further bolsters Mercalis' (formerly TrialCard) EngageHCP offering, which complements a life science company’s field teams, while delivering measurable results in brand reach, lead generation, and market share growth. EngageHCP by Mercalis (formerly TrialCard), a suite of services rebranded in late August 2021, expands Mercalis' (formerly TrialCard) original position in virtual detailing, which began several years ago. To help bolster the efforts of existing field teams, Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) offers a flexible array of services that can be field-based, virtual, or a hybrid model of both. EngageHCP offers healthcare provider engagement services for the following disciplines:

  • Clinical Nurse Educators
  • Field Reimbursement Managers
  • Pharmaceutical Institutional, Sales, and Specialty Representatives
  • Rare Disease Professionals
  • Telepromotion Agents
  • Medical Science Liaisons

“The addition of Archer Healthcare to our existing EngageHCP by Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) offering is a game changer for our life science partners who face challenges accessing and disseminating information to difficult to see HCPs,” said Mark Droke, General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer at TrialCard.

Scott Dulitz, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) added, “TrialCard has recently taken advantage of the tailwinds created by the COVID-19 pandemic to accelerate the growth within our EngageHCP offering. The acquisition of Archer Healthcare further deepens the breadth and depth of our capabilities within this fast-growing segment of the biopharma services marketplace.”

“I would like to thank the entire Archer team for all it has accomplished since the company was founded in 1999,” said Peter Higgins, CEO of Archer Healthcare. “By joining forces with TrialCard, I am confident we will continue to generate positive ROI for our clients without losing sight of our primary goal to help patients live healthier lives.”

Today’s announcement marks the sixth acquisition for Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) in the past three years. In October 2018, it acquired TC Script, its non-commercial dispensing pharmacy licensed in all U.S. states and territories. In January 2019, TrialCard bought Raleigh-based patient affordability competitor RxSolutions. In September 2019, a deal was completed for Mango Health, the leading provider of mobile-based medication and adherence solutions for the life sciences sector. In November 2019, TrialCard acquired Policy Reporter, a healthcare information management company specializing in increasing patient access to pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and diagnostic testing. Finally, in October 2020, it purchased Canary Insights, a company that tracks payer policy changes for medical devices and diagnostics.

About Mercalis (formerly TrialCard)
Mercalis (formerly TrialCard Incorporated) is a full-service life sciences commercialization partner that provides comprehensive solutions that span the entire biopharmaceutical value chain. In addition to a foundation of fully integrated, digitally enabled patient support services, its broader offerings include everything from late-stage clinical trial management to post-marketing HCP engagement services and proprietary data-as-a-service payer intelligence and insights. Founded in 2000, Mercalis (formerly TrialCard) provides commercialization needs for more than 160 life science customers and has connected over 35 million patients with more than $18 billion in branded drug savings to date. The company is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina. For more information about Mercalis (formerly TrialCard), please visit

About Archer Healthcare
Founded in 1999, Archer Healthcare Inc. is a sales and communications firm based in Wilmington, NC. The company provides telesales and contact center support services to pharmaceutical, healthcare product, and medical device companies. Archer offers a range of complementary sales and support services to help companies increase their reach and effectively communicate with healthcare providers, facilities, and hospitals. Over the last 20 years, its team has designed and executed telesales and patient support programs for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical device brands. Archer currently works with mid-tier and emerging growth pharmaceutical companies in several different therapeutic areas.

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