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End-To-End Partnership

We partner with life sciences companies to impact performance at every stage of the product life cycle. Our commercial capabilities work seamlessly and flexibly together to support strategic direction, optimal patient experience, and achievement of business goals.

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From value discovery to delivery, enhancing every link in the value chain.

Strategy Consulting, Data & Access and Market EngagementStrategy ConsultingData & AccessMarket EngagementMercalis Logo

Strategy Consulting

Mercalis provides guidance on critical business issues to life science industry leaders – combining deep industry knowledge with strong analytical rigor to drive strategic decision-making.

Data & Access

Mercalis aligns patient demand, affordability and experience with payer and product intelligence to achieve key business objectives.

Market Engagement

Leveraging deep industry expertise with an extensive track record of successful commercial launches, Mercalis drives awareness, education, and engagement across the healthcare provider value and supply chain.

A Single Partner for Insights, Strategy, and Solutions

Through expertise, technology, and service, Mercalis enables life sciences companies to navigate and innovate across the entire value chain.

Value Discovery

Corporate Strategy

Patient Journey and Segmentation

Target Product Profiling Testing

Market Access Roadmap

Opportunity Maximization

Payer Landscape Assessment

Payer Value Proposition

Predictive Payer Coverage

Pricing and Channel Strategy

Coverage Monitoring

Life Cycle Management

Delivery Excellence

Account Targeting

Launch Vigilance

Real-Time Payer Intelligence

Healthcare Provider Education/Awareness

Patient Access and Affordability

Patient Engagement

End to End Path GraphicEarly Development, Mid-to-Late Stage, Pre & Post Launch